July 24, 2015

Private Practice

IMG_1956I have a Ph.D. in clinical and counseling psychology (Utah State University, 2015), and am currently taking on a limited number of clients for faith crisis and religious transitions coaching.

Note: Coaching is NOT the same thing as psychotherapy.  Before reaching out, please read this document to understand the main differences between psychotherapy and coaching.

In general, faith crisis and religious transitions coaching involves coaching across various domains including:

  • Religious faith crises and transitions.  This includes:
    • Developing new approaches identity, purpose, morality, spirituality, and community after a religious transition.
    • Learning to more effectively communicate with believing family and friends.
  • Couples coaching wherein one or both are struggling with issues related to a religious transition, including:
    • Dealing with differences in matters of faith.
    • Improving emotional intimacy and strengthening the relationship after a religious transition.
    • Raising healthy children after a religious transition.
    • Effectively dealing with ecclesiastical leaders, ward/community members, and extended family and friends after a religious transition.
  • Navigating an LGBT identity during and after a religious transition.

Faith crisis coaching is available via ZoomSkype, phone, or in person.  My current rate is $200 per hour.  I accept cash, check, credit card, or paypal transactions as payment.  Payments should be made in advance of the scheduled appointment unless otherwise arranged.  I do not accept insurance claims.

To schedule an appointment for faith crisis coaching, please email me at: drjohndehlin@gmail.com or text me at: (435) 881-5809.